Our Values

Our Vision

ICCC strives to be a leader in best practice vocational training. We want our graduating students to be leaders in the field, confident of their role in developing young lives and constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs and demands of the early childhood sector.

Our Mission

To provide all stakeholders with excellent training solutions and support using flexible training strategies, while sustaining the highest level of business ethics. We are committed to open, honest communication and to working collaboratively with all clients to ensure training outcomes that are timely, current, and reflect best practice in vocational training.

Our Philosophy

Learning will flourish regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, social background, language or ability. We believe that each learner deserves equal opportunity and access to resources to promote job-relevant and outcome-based training that will enable better understanding of workplace roles and better workplace performance.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity
Transparency and Open Communication
Quality and Excellence
Customer Service and Support
Continued commitment to collaboration




“The role of early childhood educators is extremely demanding and requires skilled educators to meet the developmental and educational needs of young children, as well as providing parents with support in the very challenging role of child rearing.”


Karen Kearns

ICCC Director of Studies

Karen is perhaps best known for her award winning ‘Working in Children’s Services ‘textbooks published by Cengage Australia.  Karen started her career as an early childhood educator in the mid 70’s and has worked in a wide variety of early childhood roles including teaching in both early childhood settings and schools, consultancy, advocacy and legislative compliance.  Karen also lectured in early childhood education at the University of Newcastle.Over the last 15 years Karen, now CEO of International Child Care College, has focused her energies on the challenges of delivering high quality vocational education and training. Specifically Karen has worked with her team to develop training and assessment tools to meet the needs of students undertaking Certificate III and Diploma in children’s services.Karen has always been a strong advocate for the early childhood sector and is concerned about the ever increasing demands and responsibilities placed on educators. Specifically Karen believes that the current early childhood ideology, while quite sound in theory, is becoming increasingly challenging to deliver.  Karen’s message is that educators must become strong self-advocates and begin to take charge of the early childhood profession.

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Some good points to ponder as we head in to the weekend. Happy Friday everyone! Number 7 sounds like a good one to consider for weekend activities! May your weekend be as relaxing and restful as possible :-)

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Lots of valuable resources for services to share with their educators.

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International Child Care College RTO ID 90081Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at 2:15pm

A useful article, on literacy development, for educators to share with families.

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