Non-Accredited Professional Development

Our learning experiences are created and delivered by experts and highlight best practice and current theories across a range of topics.

These workshops are designed for in house training and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your organisation (after hours, weekend, staff meeting etc.).


ICCC workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

Quality Areas and the Quality Improvement Plan

Creating inspiring learning environments

Supporting social and emotional well-being

Behaviour guidance and management

Innovation in Services

Manual handling

Children’s health and safety

Managing staff and leadership

Child development

Observation, documentation and planning

0 – 2’s play and learning

2 – 5’s play and learning

Workplace Health and Safety

Nutrition and food handling

Inclusion and additional needs

Supervising children

And many more…


Choose from any of our existing workshops or work with us to custom design a workshop for your individual service.


Conditions of Enrolment & Entry Requirements:

  • Students must be at least 17 years or older and have appropriate Literacy, Language and Numeracy skills

Anytime Learning with online Professional Development

The Anytime Learning Academy is designed to support professional learning and reflection for busy early childhood professionals. If you are an educator working in centre-based services, Family Day Care or private home-based care, the Academy provides access to easy online learning and mentoring tools.


The Academy is an online professional development learning platform designed to provide short, smart, practical, succinct, current information on key topics around regulatory requirements, quality pedagogical practices and service management.


Anytime Learning


  • can be accessed from home, the workplace, the train, a café, any place where there is internet access!
  • provides existing early childhood professionals with the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and provide a catalyst for reflection and debate.
  • can be used for individual professional development or as a team learning tool.
  • offers beginning educators quick and easy access to key information to support ongoing professional development.


Each learning program includes a variety of learning tools such as short e-texts, discussion questions, video clips, photographs, online links and checklists. Managers, Directors and Educational Leaders can use the Academy to source topics for in-house staff professional development, discussion and reflection.


Conditions of Enrolment & Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age restrictions apply