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International Child Care College
International Child Care CollegeMonday, February 6th, 2017 at 11:00am

Teaching our children to care for creatures 'all great and small' helps to develop a sense of empathy for the world in which we live.

Suzy Cotton Kath Mansfield xxxx
International Child Care College
International Child Care CollegeSunday, February 5th, 2017 at 1:32pm

Some great tips for exploring emotions with children

Chris Ravenscroft In case you're wondering how to talk to children about emotional attachment take a leaf out of Eckhart Tolle's book or any Buddhist teaching. "This too shall pass". Nothing is permanent. It is most clear when supporting a child who has hurt themselves, to help them overcome their anxiety by recognising that physical pain, like a grazed knee or a headache or upset tummy, comes & goes in waves. Hasn't anyone noticed this? I always teach my young son awareness of his pain through comforting him & supporting him through empathy, & hugs after an injury how together we have to wait for the pain to subside. & it sure does. So too for emotional pain & anguish. No 2 emotions can occupy the exact same space or place​ in time. You cannot be happy & sad at the same time, they alternate yes, but never blend into the same emotion. I can recommend reading Working on Yourself Doesn't Work, by Ariel & Shya Kane
Olive Pink Amanda Kapiteyn. I hope we don't have to wear a polo shirt like that when we say this. I notice no one has thought to help the poor dog who is in emotional turmoil :)
Matthew Bond Teach your kids that dogs are dumb, destructive hell mongrels and you can't trust them for a second. Maybe put it in the closet or up on the fridge next time.
Louise Adshead Jane Rose Newman this is the author of the book I recommended last night - brilliant strategies for parents to be reflective with their children
Thomas Ballard Someone pat that poor dog😢
Leticia Vilar What about to teach your kid, that the inteligente dog don"t permit him to know the value of the pic or time invested on it. That the next time should put it in safe place? It is very important to teach real matter of the reality from a very age. Like the same time, we need to feed them with balance and nutrients food so the brain can work properly.
Katherine Roa-Darwent I just finished the whole Brain Child tonight. I got great tools in my pocket to deal with my child's fears. Thank you!
Deborah Terrill I feel totally incapable of doing this with my child. I have started the book, but am not sure how I can use this with my angry, oppositional eleven-year'old daughter.
Gertrude van Voorden For decades there have been youths committing suicide because of conditions in our world at large. Perpetual wars etc. Also foodadditives, inflammation can cause depression. So is this meme of feelings that come and go still true. For most of the time to me as an adult it seems that once one cycle of feelings/emotions is completed, soon after the next one starts. How are young people/children to feel when having to deal with refugees dilemma, suicide of an 11 year old, divorces, abuse etc. etc. My 8 year old granddaughter is dealing with the first two issues and was almost forced, never told, to suffer the divorce by her parents. we have made a mess of things, which we are leaving as heritage to the next generations. 7 generations is what native americans claim.
Erin Kate Rachel Anne, this reminded me of your approach to big feelings. <3
Terry Irizarry I'm just learning this as an adult . . . This info could have helped me so.much decades ago. LOL 😂
Dawn Akemi Children? There are plenty of adults that could use this lesson.
Jeannette Pluut Volgens mij is dat juist iets van kinderen. Zij accepteren het gaan en komen van hun emoties. Dat wordt ze afgeleerd door volwassenen.
Michelle Miller Monique Lana this is what I did with Allanah when she was missing you. It Worked!!
Deanie Eichenstein Fyhrie Yes! I use this technique with parents a lot. It's a good one!
Anna Vehof-Den Held Geri Radmilovicha geri ,mischien zijn tips uit dit boek een leuk idee voor drabblez☺
Kaitlyn Whitney Julia Anna I feel like you do this so well with the girls. Reminded me of you!
Hemant Gupta Mathangi Rajasekaran these are perhaps some of the practices that you are sharing in your sessions
Katrina Anderson Krista Anderson Mercurio dan segal is a great neurobioloigst who has wonderful strategies for parents ❤
Bonnie Lichtenauer Emotions follow... Not lead!! Practice, makes progress!! Thanks for sharing!
Meghann Hanvey Poor Moby.
Lauren Woolven I'd love to purchase this book but looks like it's very pricy over here in UK :(
Sara Dauleh Maybe do a family session including the dog- all feelings out on the table !
Rebecca Stockwell Alex Stockwell one for our girls big emotions
Erin Fuller Thomas Fuller this is a good example.
International Child Care College
International Child Care CollegeWednesday, February 1st, 2017 at 1:25pm

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