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With the support of dedicated and professional workplace supervisors through our Industry Partnerships, the ICCC team teach the skills required to complete routine and contingent tasks in everyday work situations, but also the underpinning knowledge that drives decision making and guides response to critical and non-critical situations.


This blend of study draws on the experience of our trainers to support learning and guide development through collaboration with the workplace and push the importance of completing tasks in a timely and effective manner. Access to real-life work practice with skilled workplace supervisors and colleagues contributes significantly to the learning process and the likelihood of success.


ICCC’s Industry Partnerships program offers a unique opportunity to work hand in hand with a high performing training provider in training new and continuing educators for approved Early Childhood organisations.

How it works

The Industry Partnerships program relies on a true collaboration between ICCC and the partnered Early Childhood Education and Care service, based on communication and a relationship of trust. Together we determine what training looks like and remove all barriers to participation ensuring the learner is able to progress through the course in a manner suited to their and your individual needs. ICCC monitor, assess and communicate regularly through meetings and messages, taking the heavy lifting of the administration allowing our partners to focus on day-to-day performance and work ready skills.

“We would highly recommend ICCC as a training organisation for students looking to study for a career in Early Childhood Education and Care. They offer a professional and easy to use platform to deliver the course content and terrific guidance and support to ensure a high successful completion rate.”


– Belinda Ludlow, CEO – Explore & Develop

Eligibility to be an ICCC Industry Partner

ICCC’s Industry Partnerships program extends across NSW only. To get the most out the program, ICCC recommends our partners:


  • Run one or more Early Childhood Education and Care services
  • Employ a minimum of 6 trainees at any one time
  • Have appropriately qualified staff to support training and assessment
  • Are seeking to grow a quality team of educators with hands on learning and ongoing professional development


If you ticked yes to all these points, it’s likely you are going to get a lot out of the Industry Partnerships program.


If you haven’t met all those points don’t worry. There are other options to work with ICCC to ensure your Educators get the best training results.

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